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By: Property in Majorca

If you are looking to buy or rent beautiful properties in Mallorca at low interest and mortgage rates, visit online Mallorca Estate agents for attractive deals.
Mallorca is the best place to buy a property, if you are looking for a relaxed life where you can enjoy the sun, sand and lifestyle of Spain. It is a very beautiful collage of all the qualities of Spain.
Be it a villa, a holiday home or a luxury apartment, you can look for finest Mallorca properties online via Mallorca Estate Agents who can guide and find the best options that suit your taste and budget. Some of the properties in Mallorca are available on very low interest rates and in excellent economic conditions. Perhaps, this is the reason that Mallorca has a very good market for property and is so much in demand.
Moreover, online Mallorca Estate Agents such as has qualified, trained and experienced staff to help you buy or rent apartments, villas and properties which suits your taste and budget! Besides giving you buying tips, these people also give you professional advice on all legal and financial matters related to the buying of the property. And there is more. In order to help you own these beautiful places, you can also approach online estate agents to help you procure gets you finance on as low as 3% interest rate.
In collaboration with the local banks, these agents help investors from foreign countries to obtain a very low mortgage interest rate on properties purchased on the island. The local banks provide both, fixed and variable mortgage loans and the interest rates are much lower when compared to any other foreign bank. If you meet the simple requirements set by the local banks, Property in aids buyers in getting a mortgage loan with the possibility of getting finance up to 80% of the taxation value of the property in case of residents and 70% in case of non- residents. It also helps non- residents in opening an account with a local bank in Mallorca and in obtaining an N.I.E, which is an identification number that allows you to buy property anywhere in Spain. After all the formalities are met with, you can get the loan in not more than two weeks time.
So if you are looking for a premier property in Mallorca, visit or send a mail to to request for a brochure or to get answers to all your queries.

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