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By: Beth Scott
If you?re at all human then you know how tempting it is to spend money as soon as you earn it. This is especially true with an online business.

How exactly can you avoid this common temptation and gain huge online success?

Or better yet you probably want to know: Why do I need to avoid doing this in order to have huge online success?

I know how it is when you receive your first online check. You get so excited, and the first thing you want to do is rush out and spend it.

There are things that you want to buy, things that you NEED to buy. Am I right?

Doing so will not lead to huge online success. Yet most people argue that they earned that money for the express purpose of spending it. So why shouldn?t they spend it?.

If you want huge online success, you'll never get it with this attitude. There is only one thing I have to say to first time internet marketers:

What ever you do, DON'T spend that money!

If you do there won?t be a lot more where that came from, and without any more you'll hardly be a ?huge online success.? Once you spend that money it will be gone for good.

As internet marketing guru John Reese says: ?You MUST sacrifice early profits to be a huge online success!?

Yup, sacrifice.

Thats a tough sounding word isn?t it?

Makes it sound heart rending and very painful, doesn't it?

Although it may sound hard at first to sacrifice those early checks, it will pay off in the end. Because if you do it will lead to huge online success.

It really becomes quite easy to sacrifice early profits once you think it about it in the right light.

Here is my secret to huge online success:

I pretend that I didn?t get any money. Now of course I know that I actually did get money.

What I mean by pretending is that I handle all finances, and purchases as if I hadn?t just received a check in the mail.

If I didn?t have enough money to buy something I really wanted before I got the check, then I certainly don't now. This takes quite some will power of course, but is really necessary if you want to have huge online success.

The ?Method? Behind My Madness

The reason for all this is that you are going to reinvest this money you?ve earned (whether the amount is $10 or $100) back into your online business.

A truly good investment for this money would be using it to actively promote or learn how best to promote your product or an affiliate product. This investment is a great step towards your huge online success.

At first you will want to reinvest all of the money you earn, but as your profits get bigger and bigger you will be able to reinvest only half of the amount.

Here are a few of the various ways you can use to promote your product or someone else?s that can lead to huge online success:

1. Purchase a high quality product or software that will teach you the information you need to know to market successfully. Believe me it will be well worth your money and bring you a long way toward huge online success.

2. Become an advertiser on google adwords or any other quality Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine like Overture.

3. Get your product (if it?s electronic) listed on Clickbank. This costs a one time start up fee for your sellers account, but is well worth it.

Trust me, if you reinvest all of the small paychecks you receive and part of later bigger ones, you will continue to rake in the money and become a huge online success.

Now don't just go and forget this information either. Put it to use. Take action in boosting your online sales by taking this one step that almost always guarantees huge online success.

About the author:
Beth Scott has made a profitable income online for over a year. To learn more insider secrets, like those she provides here, on how to boost your online profits more than you dreamed possible, go to:

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